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At Martha's Gardens, we are committed to growing sustainable flowers, free of pesticides and chemicals. Within the flower community, you'll often hear this referred to as the "slow flower" or the "grown not flown" movement.  As a small business committed to using the resources available, we subscribe to this mindset. In keeping with this, when it's necessary to supplement our flower stock with other partner growers, we are mindful to use American growers only.  We believe that reduction of the carbon footprint is the responsible choice.


3 cups


Inner Strength

1½ cups





The story of our logo:

Picking a favorite flower is like picking a favorite child, but the dahlia was chosen for our logo for a special reason.  

My love of gardening was passed to me from my beloved late father who delivered home-grown dahlias to my hospital room upon the birth of my first daughter.  As a young mother in a life changing situation (in the middle of a snowstorm!) I welcomed the warmth those flowers brought to that room.  I'll never forget the sense of home the flowers held and I've made it my life's work to bring the same beauty to the people I'm lucky enough to call my clients

According to, the message a dahlia conveys is: "Celebrate what makes you different. Seek out the new pleasures in life and keep moving through the challenges instead of letting them hold you back." This message resonates with us and we hope to pass it along to you!